I started independent traveling in 1993. I traveled around the USA and Canada for a year in an 1980 Chevy van, I bought in Winnipeg. This was a life changing experience and I haven’t stopped since. The travel fever clearly got a hold of me.

Thanks to technology, traveling is so much easier nowadays with the world at your feet. Camera technology improved immensely and with my new Olympus OM-D Camera, I set out to Mauritius, Madagascar and South Africa in June 2017. This camera gave me an opportunity to express my view on nature and natives.

None of my photos are photo-shopped. I don’t believe in adding colours or features to a photo, after it has been taken. One doesn’t paint a painting, and add colours or structure to it via computer after. My highly technological camera has different settings and modes, which I choose before I take the photo. If I am not happy with the outcome, I try something else. It is hard to tell nowadays if a photo is enhanced or not. Mine are not. I only resized to fit the frame and added my photologo.

I started uploading photos to Facebook,and added my story to the album, so my Fb friends can follow my adventures. These have been very popular and the idea of starting a blogging page came up. Something I am not familiar with as technology is still catching up with me. I am aware, that there are many travel bloggers are out roaming the globe.

How is my travel blog different? I can not answer this for sure, but as I am traveling of the beaten track, actively looking for adventures. Meeting locals, discovering their culture, the flora and fauna, reflecting that with my photos and stories which are part of my diary. These are light hearted, true stories of my adventures; some funny, some informative, some that truly amazed me.

Being a German trained pastry chef and baker, I never had problems finding work anywhere in this world. Now an Australian permanent resident, I still work and travel throughout Australia, and the rest of the world. I am hoping that my stories will make you smile and my photos show you the beauty of this world. And if I am lucky enough, I can generate some money to keep me traveling.



Coffee break, Ninah Clara made the best coffee

Coffee break, Ninah Clara made the best coffee