Parc Mitsinjo,Andasibe

Indri, keeping a close eye out

Indri, keeping a close eye out

The day was still young and sunny, we made our way to a  Finnish organisation funded private reserve, called Mitsinjo.



Tour guide Richard was my guide, a knowledgeable older gentleman.
I asked him, why don’t more people come to this park? Not that I minded at all, being the only tourist within this lush vegetation. The chance of seeing an Indri here are just as good, in peace and quite and it is a whole lot cheaper. He couldn’t quite answer that, not that I expected a logical answer.

Indri, a watchful eye

Indri, a watchful eye

We spotted a female, the leader of the group, as they are the larger. Richard said, that she would get ready for nightfall. She won’t move from her resting spot, still keeping an eye out on what’s happening around her. Monkey see, monkey do, that’s what we did. It felt surreal sitting there, watching here,  listening to the sound of the forest.

Was there something moving?

Was there something moving?

Nature’s tranquility, just an incredible way spending the afternoon. No guessing, I took plenty of photos, before we left her in peace.

Indri, Black and white

Indri, Black and White Image

I tipped Richard well, as I always do, and wished him luck for future preservation.
Whilst having dinner later, I started a wee chat to a group of mostly young volunteers from all across the globe. They were part of a world wide organisation ( maybe Serena, if you read this post, please fill us in, as this is for a very good cause) helping kids here in Andasibe and other parts of Madagascar. As living conditions here are almost unliveable, they focus in particular with education, school as well as basics like hygiene and day to day issues.

The rest of the bunch later went of to the karaoke bar, Serena and I kept chatting, exchanging travel experiences. Just like me, she has traveled intensively and we had lots to chat about. And I showed of my photos again. Yes,yes, I know… but they talk louder then words. Well, it was time for bed and getting ready for an early start, Veluma Andasibe.


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