Gelato Milano, Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy, Europe
History @Milan, Italy, Europe

It takes about 24 hours to travel by bus from Magdeburg to Milan via bus. I can recommend using a FlixBus to voyage throughout Europe. They are comfortable and mostly reliable. All the ones I used were never sold out, which means I had plenty of space. We passed Innsbruck early morning to the rising sun over the European Alps, which offered a breathtaking view. The sun and blue skies followed me to Southern Europe just as I hoped for. 

Victoria Falls,Livingstone, Zambia, Africa
Group 2018 @Victoria Falls,Livingstone, Zambia, Africa

It is the first time in my life that I will spend a considerable amount of time in Italy, now that I have friends here. We all met in 2018 in Zambia and four years on we meet again.

Liuwa Plains National Park, Zambia, Africa
Happy Days @Liuwa Plains National Park, Zambia, Africa

It’s a fabulous concept that keeps me moving around the globe. Alora Italia, I was intrigued by what was to come. 

Milan, Italy, Europe
New kid in town @Milan, Italy, Europe

Jasmine grew up in Rome but moved to Milan 3 years ago.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Downtown @Milan, Italy, Europe

Her dream to work in the fashion industry Milan is famous for hasn’t transpired yet.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Fashionable @Milan, Italy, Europe

For now, she helps Italian passports to travel visa versa.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Status Symbol @Milan, Italy, Europe

Jasmine took the afternoon off and guided me to what most tourists come here for.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Paso Double @Milan, Italy, Europe

There’s a lot of history,

Milan, Italy, Europe
Fashion with passion @Milan, Italy, Europe

a lot of fashion,

Milan, Italy, Europe
Crowds @Milan, Italy, Europe

and even more people.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Gelato Milano @Milan, Italy, Europe

The pumpkin gelato was just to my liking and most definitely the highlight of downtown Milano.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Big Brother @Milan, Italy, Europe

Like many Italian metropolitan areas, the city center is cut off from outsiders to reduce air- and verbal pollution.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Outsiders @Milan, Italy, Europe

That’s all people that don’t reside in the city center.

Headquarters @Milan, Italy, Europe

If you get caught, and you will get caught, a hefty fine might spoil your day.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Jailed @Milan, Italy, Europe

‘The amount of police here is insane’, Jasmine mentions lightly.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Terminatress @Milan, Italy, Europe

We have the traffic police, the local police, the federal police, and the carrabenjierie.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Royal history @Milan, Italy, Europe

These were used to keep the royal family safe, but the last Italian blue blood was politically executed after the Second World War.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Moumental @Milan, Italy, Europe

There are as many police on the highways as there are toll booths. This is mind-blowing. On each and every highway is a toll booth to either enter or exit the city you visited. These booths generate millions of euros a year. To drive from Milan to Rome costs you about 100 Euro one way. Pray and pay your highway tax instantly. Presto presto. Do so with a smile as all booths are loaded with cameras, just to be sure, to be sure, to be sure.  


Old mate Obelix already knew in B.C.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Useful smile @Milan, Italy, Europe

I guess it’s just what you’re used to, Jasmine says. I wouldn’t be. 

Milan, Italy, Europe
Posh@ Milan, Italy, Europe

I was happy to get out of this narrow-minded city center and relocate to the local areas of Milan. We traveled in true Italian style on Jasmine’s scooter.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Scootress di Milano @Milan, Italy, Europe

The scooter is to Milan what the bike is to Amsterdam and it’s fabulous to get around. This is where the locals sit out with vino to discuss football or politics, reflecting on life.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Reflecting @Milan, Italy, Europe

I settled for a relaxed atmosphere with Spritz.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Spritz @Milan, Italy, Europe

Mhh, sweet Spritz. It was a perfect day in Milan, I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Milan, Italy, Europe
Salute @Milan, Italy, Europe

We finished the evening off with traditional pizza. ‘When the moon meets the eye like a cold pizza pie, that’s amore’.  The pizza wasn’t bad, but not fantastico either. Spending the day in Milan with a fabulous friend was wonderful. And that’s all that matters. 

Milan, Italy, Europe
Italian Charme @Milan, Italy, Europe

Claudio had some preparations to do in Milan the next day. The upcoming trip to and through the Sahara Desert in Tunisia is only a few days away. Jasmine was so kind to drop me off somewhere in Milan early afternoon. She didn’t have time to stay around, she had a busy afternoon ahead. Thankfully we farewelled for the next time. Mille Grazie, Jasmine.

Tunis, Tunisia, Africa
Things to come @Tunis, Tunisia, Africa

A happy face I haven’t seen for four years greeted me in the ferry office. ‘Ben! How are you?’ Tutto Ben.

To be continued

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