Baobab Forrest Madagascar

I hope you like Boababs….I do…Just a few kilometres south of Kirindi is prime Baobab tree country, commonly known as ‘Alley de Boabab’.

Baobab Alley Madagascar

Baobab Alley Madagascar

We stopped at the ‘loving’ baobab tree, which is twisted like a vine. Around it is a small village, specialized in wood carvings, mainly baobab trees, which looked absolutely amazing.


Unfortunately, I have no space in my backpack for such precious cargo, and Malagasy poste is known for parcels to disappear. Shame. We then came to the Baobab alley, and one couldn’t miss it!  A number of trees near and far, lined up along the street. But where there’s attraction, there are tourists…and lots of them. The locals want to cash in on that with wooden carvings, and the kids carry chameleons to put on your shoulder and ask for money after. ‘Wassa, chameleon!’
Poor things looked rather stressed. I took a few good shots of those robot look-a-like giants, trying to cut out the amount of people.


The tourists all just waited for the sunset… I was waiting for them, to piss off, so I can build up my tent in between the baobab nursery. I watched the locals having a game of football. Night came, and after another tasty meal by my friend Ninah, I headed out with the camera trying for some star shots. Unfortunately, it was new moon and therefore no extra light from above..… that would have been incredible. But managed a few good shots, although not easy.


Best thing though, was just sitting there and watching the scenery in peace and quiet. Bliss.

Morning came and it got hectic again. I do like some of my sunrise shots.

Of to Morondava, check in and then checking out the dentist. I paid 40000 airey, which is about 20 $, and it feels like he filled my hole, and added another tooth. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers


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